Fertility Crisis – No Sperm

This post was written Thursday of last week (5th of April), but I just couldn't complete it/post it until now. I couldn't post anything. It's all just been too hard. I did not expect this. I've been crying for hours. There are no words that can describe the unbearable sadness. It's more than a sadness.... Continue Reading →


Quitting Coke – Days 11- 17

Hi, my name is Kate, and I’m a Cokaholic. As I write this, it is the 18th day, and by the time it posts, it will be the 19th day... but anyway... I wasn't going to post about day 16/17 yet. I was going to do a 11-15 post... but then yesterday happened. Don't be alarmed,... Continue Reading →

Quitting Coke – Days 4 & 5

Hi, my name's Kate, I'm a Cokaholic... and I've made it through days 4 and 5! If you haven't read about my Coke addiction or how my first few days went, check out these... Coca Cola is Killing Me Quitting Coke - Take 4 Quitting Coke - Day 1 Quitting Coke Day 2 & 3... Continue Reading →

April Fools and Pregnancies

I've really noticed this issue getting a lot of attention in the past 2-3 years. If you're not sure which issue I'm talking about, it's simple. Some people have apparently faked positive pregnancy tests and used them to April Fools people. I admit, I've not really given this much thought in the past. I've either... Continue Reading →

Fertility – lowering excess testosterone

I have PCOS and I believe one of the main issues is the higher-than-normal levels of Testosterone that my body creates. Excess male hormones creates an imbalance that throws everything off (plus I get some not-so-great facial hair and plenty of adult acne). When the blood test results came back recently and confirmed higher levels... Continue Reading →

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