Why learn about Islam?

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At the time of beginning this mini-series on ‘Why learn about Islam?’, I have just begun to ‘Learn to do Islam’ and in the future I may or may not come to believe in Islam and become Muslim.

Now, I’d like to make it clear that I have made the distinction between learning about Islam, learning to do Islam and believing in Islam.
My first mini-series will be on how I came to want to learn about Islam and that journey.
After that, I will follow on with my journey into Learning to do Islam.

Learning About Islam

Usually, when you want to learn something, you have a question or a specific topic you want to learn about (I’ll tell you mine in another post). Learning about Islam is similar to learning about anything. You google, you read books, you see what’s on the news, you might ask someone who has more knowledge, and you learn as much (or as little), as you like until you feel you’ve sufficiently learnt something.

Learning To Do Islam

Sometimes, once you’ve learnt about something, you want to practice doing it or you want to know what it is like to actually do or experience the thing you learnt.
For example, you decided to learn about ballet. You watched a performance, you’ve read about the different movements and you spoke to someone who danced as a child.

But now you’re still curious. You want to know why other people dance ballet. You want to know what their lives look like, what their challenges are. You might want to know what those moves feel like, after all it looks fairly simple (I assure you ballet is NOT easy).

So you find a teacher or a school, or a friend who can show you the moves. You begin learning to do ballet.

I am taking a similar approach to Islam. Having concluded my approach to Learning about Islam (more in a future post), I found I had more questions and wanted to explore Islam even further.

So I reached out to the only Muslim group I could find and… well… I won’t give away the surprise. I’ll pop a link in when I’ve written about it.

Believing in Islam and becoming a Muslim

Well, I cannot tell you whether I will become Muslim or not. I may or I may not. Just as I may have chicken for dinner, or I may not.

Regardless of what spiritual path I take, I know I will have learnt so much from some incredible people. That is my main goal, to learn about other’s beliefs. If I happen to show the rest of the world (or maybe just my local community) that people who believe in Islam are regular people with struggles just like non-Muslims, then that will be a great blessing.

* Stay tuned for my first instalment of Learning About Islam, coming soon (as soon as I write it!)



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