Learning About Islam ~ My Questions

As I noted in my last post, Learning About Islam ~ Prelude, I found that I was developing a lot of questions that I really wanted answers to. Below is a list of the types of questions I was looking to find answers to.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list, just a list.

1 ~ How biased and misleading is the news and social media?

1) Are Muslims flocking to this country in large numbers?
2) Where do Muslims come from?
3) Are Muslims coming to this country bad or doing bad things?
4) What do they do once here? How are they supporting themselves?
5) Are many Muslims born here? Are they all refugees?
6) Are they breaking our laws?
7) Are more Muslim people breaking our laws than non-Muslim people?

2 ~ Are there Muslim people where I live and how can I engage or get to know them?

1) How many Muslim people live in my community?
2) How can I learn or know more about Muslim people as individuals?

3 ~ Are women being denigrated and subjugated by men? Is that what Islam actually does?

1) How are women forced to wear Hijab?
2) What rules of men are women being forced to live by?
3) Is there a difference between Australian Muslim women and Muslim women overseas?
4) If women are being harmed, what’s the underlying cause? Is it religion? Is it cultural? Is it prevalent in Australia?
5) What is it like to wear a Hijab?
6) If I wore one, would I experience negative responses from the community I live in?

4 ~ What do I want to learn about it?

1) What is Islam?
2) Are there any basic rules?
3) Is the Muslim God the same as the Christian God?
4) Why do I only see people kneeling & bowing?
5) Where is the English version of the Quran?
6) What’s the difference between the religious coverings people wear?

5 ~ What’s up with the hate against Muslims? How do Muslim people feel about that?

1) Why are communities against ‘Sharia’.
2) Why are people against Muslims having a Mosque or a place to pray?
3) Why can’t Australia just allow Muslim people to live in peace?
4) How can I support Muslim people? Is it awkward for them if I am not Muslim and don’t wear a head covering?
5) What would happen if I wore a hijab?

The next few posts will explore some of these questions, some of the information I came across and what I thought about what I found out.

Read the next post in this series HERE.

Please Note: My findings are not going to be well rounded, theological ideas or accurate pieces of information. This was my early exploration. If you want more in-depth information, I strongly urge you to look deeper, research more and reach out to someone within the Muslim community for information.




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