New Hair!

Ok, I can officially proclaim that I am ADDICTED to funky, gorgeous colored hair!!

Today I am having my hair colored again. It’s probably only been about 5, maybe 6, weeks since I last colored my hair, but I went for pastel colors this time and the color washed out/faded faster than my bold and brights.

To be fair on pastel colors, I didn’t look after it as much this time, I put more effort into repairing bleach damage AND it was summer holidays so I went swimming quite a bit. The poor color never stood a chance. See…

Anyway, I’ll write up an article about my other colors another time, this article is specifically about the color I am getting today!

I’m going with another round of light color, however I have a proper hair appointment in 5 weeks time (just before going home for my birthday), so I’m not having it bleached or anything this time, which means I am leaving the roots as they are.
I am looking for a relatively light purple color that blends in with the roots. I have to stick with light colors, as I’m not finished experimenting with pastel colors and I’m not willing to bleach more than I absolutely have to (which is usually quite a lot!)

Anyway, it’s nearly 10am, so I’ll hold off on posting this post until it’s all finished. By the time you read this, it’ll probably be tomorrow lunch time! Oh well.

Oh so exciting!!!!

Ok, so it took 4 hours.

It took 2 hours just to get the hair washed and ready for the color and to actually apply all the color.

And it’s a LOT of color. Your head gets HEAVY! And then you have to sit still for another hour.

Then another hour to wash it all out, dry and style.



Ok, they took some photo’s with a better camera, so eventually I will add a couple more photos. But there you have it. My locks for the next 5 weeks.


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