Where the Rainbow Hair Began

I think it all started back in 2015? Yes, let’s go with the end of 2015.

I don’t recall why or how the idea occurred to me, however I found myself looking at rainbow hair. Then I found myself looking for a hairdresser who knew color… aaaand I found Mikey… WELL! Mikey is a HOOT! The day I turned up to have my hair colored, he was wearing a rainbow onesie! Mikey was flamboyant and fabulous! I don’t think I could have found anyone better to do that first crazy color. He was skilled, knowledgeable and I felt like he was completely capable of turning brown into brightly colored gorgeousness!
Last I heard he was in Melbourne. So if you are privileged enough to have Mikey working on your hair, count your blessings.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingAnyway, when Mikey was done, my hair looked AMAZING!

I only have one regret. That I didn’t really know how to look after it.

I washed it using regular supermarket shampoos and conditioners. I used hot water. I didn’t use any post/bleaching treatments. I didn’t know how to care for the different colors and minimize the color bleed.

Image may contain: 1 personSo, to be honest, 8-12 weeks later, it wasn’t as gorgeous. It was flat, the colours had muddied. I couldn’t afford to go back for another round of hair coloring, so I went to a cheap-ish salon and had it died back to brown.

Roughly a year later, I found a beautiful picture of galaxy hair and posted it to Facebook.

Long story short, my (at the time future-sister-in-law), said I should totally get it done. Out of politeness, I reminded her her wedding was coming up and if I had crazy colored hair, it would be at her wedding. Well, I think she was even MORE for the hair color at that point.

But Mikey had moved to Melbourne, I’d moved to the Sunshine Coast… and I had to begin the process of finding someone who knew color (which is hard to do). I checked out facebook pages to see photo’s of hair that other people had done. Then I came across Strut Hair and Beauty. It looked like they had some experience with color, so I got in touch and Nicole asked me to come in for a consultation.

I went in for the visit, showed her what I’d previously had done and chatted a little about my hair, how it sits, how I wear it, etc. Nicole was super professional, clearly knew what she was talking about and I thought she could probably do a good job. At the very least she wouldn’t damage my hair.

Check out the little video of my first hair appointment! (go on, it’s about 1.5 minutes)


Then there was a refresh prior to my brothers actual wedding. Which I MC’d in all my hair glory.

Image may contain: one or more peopleThen there was the same kind of hair, but with JUST pink and blue, no purple. Image may contain: one or more people, indoor and closeup

THEN there was this AMAZING pink princess hair…



And now my current hair, which you can see… here.






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