Life Update

Just thought, you know, I haven’t written anything on my blog for a while, so here I am. I’ve been a bit absent, so I thought a life update could be useful.

I recently turned 30, successfully I didn’t have any kind of 30 year old crisis, so that’s been good. I went home (beautiful tropical north qld), and had a shared birthday party with my dad (turned 60) and my niece (turned 13). It was a great weekend, albeit a little expensive.

Our 3 person household become a 1 car nightmare! Well… more like a 1 car challenge… and as that car is used for work purposes (mostly by the other 2), I’ve not been able to attend several Friday Prayer times, so that’s been pretty disappointing as I’m really enjoying learning everything I can.

I also started writing a book. I was always writing as a child/teen, but then I stopped. I honestly didn’t think I was very good. However, just because I wasn’t writing stories, that didn’t stop my mind from inventing them, keeping me awake for hours at night, living the life of these fantasy people with there complex little lives…

So, after weeks of this one story refusing to get out of my head, I thought I might be best placed to just write the darn thing… so maybe in a few months I’ll have some more gossip on that. I can tell you, the main character is called Sarah Collins, she lives in Townsville here in Aus and she’s a bit of a tough Aussie cookie!

I’m still working rediculous hours trying to get everything done, so more of the same there.

Aaaaaannnnnnd…. guess who is approved for the new house?! Me! Move in date, 19th… so only 26 more sleeps from here! 

So, that’s it for now! 


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