Learn and Move On – It’s Time

When I first started blogging (not this blog, but the one before it), I had NO idea what I was doing or what I wanted to blog about. I was just writing about my life and whatever interested me at the time. It was more like a public diary than a blog.

After a while, I started seeing the success that others were having with their blogs and I thought ‘sure, I could do something like that!’

So I thought (briefly), what could I blog about and, while I narrowed my interests into 3 area ‘faith, home and business’, I’ve now come to realize this is still too broad.

Now it is time to hang up this blog and move on. I’ve learned all I can from this one, now I’m ready to move on again. It’s sad, but perhaps one day I’ll return here and do something new with it. But not right now. For now, I need to go and learn some more.

But don’t despair!!! You can come too! I’ve got plenty of room in my new place for you all.


Over at KKParsfield is where I will be posting my writings. I enjoy writing stories and I really needed a dedicated platform to write them. I’m currently working on 3 book set. So follow me over there and you’ll get sneak peaks into this new little world.

Sunny Coast Life

My blog over at Sunny Coast Life is about the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia. Each week I try to get out and about on the coast and share with you what it’s really like to live on the amazing Sunshine Coast.
Beaches one day, forest the next. Rain then Sunshine. Cafés and Restaurants. Hotel and Homes. Large and Small.
The Sunny Coast has it all.


Look forward to seeing you again!


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