I’m SO changeable

Last time I posted, I closed down this blog and moved onto other things. And that totally made sense at the time. This blog was really meant to be about my spiritual growth, my home and future family, etc. but with the disappointing IVF fallout situation, I really didn’t have anything to blog about. So, I moved on.


A few things have changed in the brief 3-4 months since I moved on from this blog.
I realised that I quickly grew tired/bored with the other blogging avenues I wanted to try. I don’t have a significant role in the family business at this time, and…
We are BACK on the fertility train people! (more about that later!)

So, I feel like I need to come back here.

Rebrand. Rename. Refocus.

So stay tuned (or follow if you are new), and over the next few posts I’ll figure out what I want to post about moving forward and how to rename my blog.


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