How to make a plan

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How To Make a Plan

I have a lot of plans.


Some of them are fully formed, have come to fruition and then I’ve moved on.
Some of them I’m in the middle of.
Many others have been scrapped along the way… and that’s ok.

In fact, it’s better than ok! It’s what you have to do!

If you wait till you have a PERFECT plan that you can 100% execute right down to the tiniest detail… you will never start. There is no perfect plan. What’s the saying? No plan survives the battle field?

You need to have an idea, have a rough plan and then take the first step.
Review, make changes, go again
Review, make changes, continue…

It really is that simple (notice I didn’t say EASY?), here I’ll show you what I mean…

My BLOG PLAN on 21.01.2017 (when I first started Faith~Home~Business) looked like this: (I’ve literally just copied and pasted this image directly from my plan)


Pretty basic right? From there, I just started blogging. I tried to write posts relevant to those topics. About 4-5 months later, I reviewed.


and once I reviewed, I made changes and tried again. These were my new ideas and thoughts.


Unfortunately my plan didn’t go well. I really wanted to write about IVF and starting a family. I had a few panic attacks and we couldn’t find a service to support my needs.

Devastated, I again evaluated that Faith~Home~Business couldn’t work for me anymore and I needed (for my own sanity) to pursue something other than baby thoughts.

So I moved away from this blog and decided to focus on writing. Started a creative writing course, created a writing blog and a lifestyle blog about the Sunshine Coast, where I live.

Problem? I didn’t want to get out and about, gaining the experiences in the community to write about on my blog. So I wrote nothing.

I’ve realised I cannot force myself to write about things that I am just not able to commit 110% to.

So now what? Well, I reviewed again, made changes, and now I’m back!

What’s my current plan?


What about you? How do you plan, review and change your life?


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