Fertility – time to get real

easter-egg-3165438_1280As you may know, I had a bit of a rough time trying to get an IVF specialist to accomodate my Mental Health and Panic Attacks last year. I called several services, clinics and specialists. They all said the same thing, it’s against policy to have a partner/support person in the room. Not the laws or regulations, just their policy.

Anyway, we didn’t really have the money to move forward with IVF anyway, so with my heart feeling like it was 3 sizes to big for my chest and aching with sadness, we shelved the idea of a family again. I put my heart in the freezer and tried to freeze all thoughts of a family.

Did it work? Not really. Ladies, pushing down feelings DOES NOT WORK, but sometimes it’s all we can do, right? It was all I could do.

Anyway, we sold our house at the end of last year. Not for much, it was a crummy house. We rent now, but it has freed up our equity to spend on fertility.

We may never own a home again, what little money we got for it will go to Fertility treatments, but I might get to have a family. That’s worth it to me.

So, we are going through all the tests now, and then hopefully we will only need Ovulation Stimulation and can then get pregnant naturally.

I plan to post about how it’s all going and keep you all updated as we go.


Fingers crossed!!!


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