Another Pre-Fertility Test – HyCoSy or Dye-Test

pexels-photo-248152.jpegThursday, 15th of March, 2018

I’ve been nervous about this test.

I wasn’t 100% sure which test I was going in for to be honest. I knew what the outcome would be, they would see whether my tubes and uterus were blocked or if there were any issues there.

I just wasn’t sure if it was a HyCoSy or an HSG. My referral was for an HSG, but the clinic I was told to go to does HyCoSy.

What’s the difference?

HSG – Hysterosalpingogram

A Radiography contrast (dye liquid) is injected into the uterine cavity through the vagina and cervix. The uterus fills with the dye and then it ‘spills’ down the tubes. If it doesn’t then there could be a blockage.

They use an x-ray to see the results.

HyCoSy – Hystero Salpingo Contrast Sonography

They use a non-iodising liquid (essentially saline, so water) and the process is the same as with an HSG but they use the vaginal ultrasound to see the liquids movements.

Why does it matter?

Well, as a person who’s been experiencing quite a few panic attacks around this fertility and IVF stuff lately, I was really worried they wouldn’t let my husband come in with me.

I just need him to be present.

If it’s an x-ray based procedure, then chances were not great he’d be allowed in. X-rays. Ooooooh. I don’t care. He can suffer an additional x-ray or two for me. haha.

If it is just saline and an ultrasound, well that’s fine! No x-rays at all.

I didn’t sleep well the night before. I just kept imagining a confused and bewildered look on their faces when I asked for my support person to be present. I kept seeing them asking ‘why?’ like it was the silliest request ever.

The lady behind the counter was lovely. When I mentioned that I needed a support person, she said that’s absolutely fine and of course he can go in with me.

It really is a mixed bag in this world. Some people are supportive and can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be allowed in… others are firm that it isn’t ok. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

About the test itself, I had no problems with it. I didn’t think I would. I know (from googling) some people are worried it will hurt or they experience pain if they have a blockage, but I’ve never really had a lot of sensory down below anyway, so that part was fine.

It did start to warm up in the room though.

It wasn’t a big room and I was centre stage.

Then there was my hubby, sitting beside me chatting away (my hero).

The specialist who was working the syringes/saline solution.

The lady who worked the ultrasound probe.

4 bodies, 1 room.

Thankfully, it literally only lasted a few minutes then we were done.

No blockages, uterus looks great. Still have PCOS. haha.

Oh, funny story. They give you a pad at the end, because saline leaks for a while. I’ve never used a pad in my LIFE! Actually I think I did once when I was 15? The results were… catastrophic. I legit had to ask how do I use it! THAT was probably the most embarrassing thing. Having to ask how to use a pad.

‘yeah but how do you keep it in place? it just has a mind of its own!’

Price Check
Previous Costs
22.02.2018 Dr Ladwig – $255 (medicare rebate $102.50)
23.02.2018 Dr Moir – $270 (medicate rebate $102.50)
26.02.2018 Elevit $30, Menevit $30, Metformin $15, the Pill $15
28.02.2018 Lots of Blood tests – Medicare covered
28.02.2018 CF Testing $285
28.02.2018 AMH $80
New Costs
15.03.2018 HyCoSy Test – Consult $72.75
15.03.2018 HyCoSy Test – Ultrasound $370 (medicare rebated $187.10)
15.03.2018 HyCoSy Test – HyCoSy test $257.25
= $512.90

Current Tally = $1,287.90 out of pocket




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