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UPDATED 18.03.2018

I think it is time for an update.

Hi, and welcome to Faith ~ Home ~ Business

I hope you’ve had a little look around and you’ve found some of my posts interesting! I love hearing from people who’ve read my blog, so feel free to get in touch and say hello!

A little about me:

  • I’m now 31 (WHAT?!)
  • I’ve been married for 5 year, but no little children yet
  • I believe multiculturalism is the greatest thing about humanity
  • my life revolves around my home and business… and hopefully tiny humans soon!
  • I support education in all it’s forms, though I have a strong passion for home education
  • I am a prepper at heart

I’ve recently reviewed what I blog about, and have made a few changes.
I plan to blog about:

  • Journey to get a baby
  • Fertility treatment
  • Home (gardening, cooking, just random home stuff)
  • Heart (things I love)
  • Soul (religion, faith and maybe holiday)



Hello and welcome to Faith ~ Home ~ Business!

I assume if you are reading this page, then you’ve probably already read a few of my posts are curious to know more about me.

So, a little about me:

  • at the time of starting this blog, I’m about to turn 30!
  • I believe in multiculturalism is not just critical to humanity but incredibly enriching
    • to that end, I believe in learning about different religions (cultures and customs), to ensure a full understanding of how similar our differences are
  • my life revolves around 2 other things, home life and business
  • I support education of all types, with particular focus on homeschooling
  • I am a prepper at heart
  • Work is my life, sometimes it feels like all I do!!


I thought I would briefly outline what I plan to blog about.

~ Faith ~

I have recently been looking into Islam. I’ll blog about my ‘why’ reasons in another post. But I wanted to use part of this blog to explore with others my journey into learning about Islam and it’s customs.

~ Home ~

I fit a lot of subcategories into ‘Home’. Homeschooling, cooking, prepping, family pets, general house care, etc.

~ Business ~

My husband and I own a company, so we work together, we work a lot and it is very interesting!


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