Learn and Move On – It’s Time

When I first started blogging (not this blog, but the one before it), I had NO idea what I was doing or what I wanted to blog about. I was just writing about my life and whatever interested me at the time. It was more like a public diary than a blog.

After a while, I started seeing the success that others were having with their blogs and I thought ‘sure, I could do something like that!’

So I thought (briefly), what could I blog about and, while I narrowed my interests into 3 area ‘faith, home and business’, I’ve now come to realize this is still too broad.

Now it is time to hang up this blog and move on. I’ve learned all I can from this one, now I’m ready to move on again. It’s sad, but perhaps one day I’ll return here and do something new with it. But not right now. For now, I need to go and learn some more.

But don’t despair!!! You can come too! I’ve got plenty of room in my new place for you all.


Over at KKParsfield is where I will be posting my writings. I enjoy writing stories and I really needed a dedicated platform to write them. I’m currently working on 3 book set. So follow me over there and you’ll get sneak peaks into this new little world.

Sunny Coast Life

My blog over at Sunny Coast Life is about the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia. Each week I try to get out and about on the coast and share with you what it’s really like to live on the amazing Sunshine Coast.
Beaches one day, forest the next. Rain then Sunshine. Cafés and Restaurants. Hotel and Homes. Large and Small.
The Sunny Coast has it all.


Look forward to seeing you again!


Life Update

Just thought, you know, I haven’t written anything on my blog for a while, so here I am. I’ve been a bit absent, so I thought a life update could be useful.

I recently turned 30, successfully I didn’t have any kind of 30 year old crisis, so that’s been good. I went home (beautiful tropical north qld), and had a shared birthday party with my dad (turned 60) and my niece (turned 13). It was a great weekend, albeit a little expensive.

Our 3 person household become a 1 car nightmare! Well… more like a 1 car challenge… and as that car is used for work purposes (mostly by the other 2), I’ve not been able to attend several Friday Prayer times, so that’s been pretty disappointing as I’m really enjoying learning everything I can.

I also started writing a book. I was always writing as a child/teen, but then I stopped. I honestly didn’t think I was very good. However, just because I wasn’t writing stories, that didn’t stop my mind from inventing them, keeping me awake for hours at night, living the life of these fantasy people with there complex little lives…

So, after weeks of this one story refusing to get out of my head, I thought I might be best placed to just write the darn thing… so maybe in a few months I’ll have some more gossip on that. I can tell you, the main character is called Sarah Collins, she lives in Townsville here in Aus and she’s a bit of a tough Aussie cookie!

I’m still working rediculous hours trying to get everything done, so more of the same there.

Aaaaaannnnnnd…. guess who is approved for the new house?! Me! Move in date, 19th… so only 26 more sleeps from here! 

So, that’s it for now! 

Learning About Islam ~ Seeking Answers 4

Welcome to my 4th post in my series Learning About Islam.

As I mention in a previous post ‘Learning About Islam ~ My Questions’, my initial exploration into what Islam is all about left me with quite a few questions. Obviously I didn’t get these answered all at once! In fact, I didn’t even think of all these questions at the same time. Rather, they developed over several months, just spinning around in the back of my mind.

Seeking answers to these questions also didn’t occur all at once. Instead, I’d see something and want to know more. Below is a summation of some of the information I found that lead to ‘answers’ for my questions.

(NOTE: these answers may not be true or accurate. They are simply what I found and observed on my own during my time of information seeking)

4 ~ What do I want to learn about Islam?

At some point I realized I wanted to learn about Islam, so I needed to figure out what was it that I didn’t know and what did I want to know more about? This was only a very basic initial exploration, so the questions and answer reflect that.

1) What is Islam?

What did I knew? I knew Islam was a religion. I actually thought it was closer to something like Hindu.

What I discovered ~ Islam is a monotheist religion, like Christianity and Judaism. Allah (god) is the exact same god that Christians and Jews believe in. Muslims (the collective name for people who follow Islam), believe that Allah made Muhammad a Prophet, the last prophet that there will ever be before some type of end of days and such.

2) Are there any basic rules?

What I knew? I knew Muslim women wore a variety of types of head coverings. I knew that it was still largely considered a patriarchal religion. I knew that they fasted once a year for a month, called Ramadan.

Here I was really interested to know more, I wondered how people fasted for about 30 odd days without dying.

What I discovered ~ Muslims fast from sun-up to sundown during Ramadan. Muslim women do wear head coverings and this can be due to many factors, most significantly is the belief that Allah wants them to be modest and protected from men or others who are not family. Yes it is a patriarchal religion, by our western standards and definition it is.

Islam has 5 pillars, which is the bases I guess for everything

  • Shahadah: sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith.
  • Salat: performing ritual prayers in the proper way five times each day.
  • Zakat: paying an alms (or charity) tax to benefit the poor and the needy.
  • Sawm: fasting during the month of Ramadan.
  • Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca


3) Is the Muslim God the same as the Christian God?

Turns out, they are the same God. If we are all believing in the same God, just in slightly different way, I don’t really understand how there can be so much fighting and hate between them.

4) Why do I only see people kneeling & bowing?

This is how Muslims pray. I guess if you back a few years (or maybe it still happens in some churches), people would kneel in church to pray, etc.

It is similar in Islam, they kneel and ‘prostrate’ before Allah. It is very ritualized, with specific prayers being recited in a certain way. Always in Arabic.

Maybe that’s why non-Muslim people struggle with Islam. As an outsider, it is really difficult to connect with and understand. And let’s be honest, to the western ear, it doesn’t sound positive/safe/normal… I’m not sure what the right description is for this, but the language puts people in a state of unease. Maybe that’s due to the difference in how the languages are spoken, or the medias negative portrayal. (when do you see Arabic in a movie and how often is that followed by a Muslim extremist blowing something up?… it’s pretty regular).

5) Where is the English version of the Quran?

Turns out, there isn’t an ‘English version’… at least not solely English. Muslims believe that in order to keep the Quran true and pure, without significant changes, that it was always be in Arabic.

You can get Qurans with translations in the book, so it contains both Arabic and English, usually with commentary from the translator to help explain some key challenges.
For example, according to the Quran I was recently gifted (thank you!), the translated word ‘Lord’ (example, our Lord Allah), is not an exact translation. The Arabic word is Rabb, but it doesn’t have a direct translation to English and means several different words. ‘Lord’ is just the closest word to Rabb in the English language.

6) What’s the difference between the religious coverings people wear?

The different types of head coverings seem to fall into 2 categories.

Religious variations and cultural variations.

Religious variations seem to be when the Quran is interpreted to mean a woman should completely cover herself, including the eyes (e.g. Burka) or if the face can be left open (e.g. hijab)

Cultural variations seem to be more around the style, how it’s worn, color variations, length, type of material, etc.

Well, there you have it. Part 4 is done.

Stay tuned for part 5 where I attempt to discover where all this hate is coming from.

Where the Rainbow Hair Began

I think it all started back in 2015? Yes, let’s go with the end of 2015.

I don’t recall why or how the idea occurred to me, however I found myself looking at rainbow hair. Then I found myself looking for a hairdresser who knew color… aaaand I found Mikey… WELL! Mikey is a HOOT! The day I turned up to have my hair colored, he was wearing a rainbow onesie! Mikey was flamboyant and fabulous! I don’t think I could have found anyone better to do that first crazy color. He was skilled, knowledgeable and I felt like he was completely capable of turning brown into brightly colored gorgeousness!
Last I heard he was in Melbourne. So if you are privileged enough to have Mikey working on your hair, count your blessings.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingAnyway, when Mikey was done, my hair looked AMAZING!

I only have one regret. That I didn’t really know how to look after it.

I washed it using regular supermarket shampoos and conditioners. I used hot water. I didn’t use any post/bleaching treatments. I didn’t know how to care for the different colors and minimize the color bleed.

Image may contain: 1 personSo, to be honest, 8-12 weeks later, it wasn’t as gorgeous. It was flat, the colours had muddied. I couldn’t afford to go back for another round of hair coloring, so I went to a cheap-ish salon and had it died back to brown.

Roughly a year later, I found a beautiful picture of galaxy hair and posted it to Facebook.

Long story short, my (at the time future-sister-in-law), said I should totally get it done. Out of politeness, I reminded her her wedding was coming up and if I had crazy colored hair, it would be at her wedding. Well, I think she was even MORE for the hair color at that point.

But Mikey had moved to Melbourne, I’d moved to the Sunshine Coast… and I had to begin the process of finding someone who knew color (which is hard to do). I checked out facebook pages to see photo’s of hair that other people had done. Then I came across Strut Hair and Beauty. It looked like they had some experience with color, so I got in touch and Nicole asked me to come in for a consultation.

I went in for the visit, showed her what I’d previously had done and chatted a little about my hair, how it sits, how I wear it, etc. Nicole was super professional, clearly knew what she was talking about and I thought she could probably do a good job. At the very least she wouldn’t damage my hair.

Check out the little video of my first hair appointment! (go on, it’s about 1.5 minutes)

Then there was a refresh prior to my brothers actual wedding. Which I MC’d in all my hair glory.

Image may contain: one or more peopleThen there was the same kind of hair, but with JUST pink and blue, no purple. Image may contain: one or more people, indoor and closeup

THEN there was this AMAZING pink princess hair…



And now my current hair, which you can see… here.





What will I blog about

Welcome to Faith ~ Home ~ Business!

As this is my first blog post, I thought I would briefly outline what I plan to blog about over the next few weeks.

~ Faith ~

I have recently been looking into Islam. I’ll blog about my ‘why’ reasons in another post. But I wanted to use part of this blog to explore with others my journey into learning about Islam and it’s customs.

~ Home ~

I fit a lot of subcategories into ‘Home’. Homeschooling, cooking, prepping, family pets, general house care, etc.

~ Business ~

My husband and I own a company, so we work together, we work a lot and it is very interesting!