New house ~ No news

Still no news from the real estate about the new rental. 😦 *sigh* I called them yesterday from the work phone, and funnily enough they were calling my mobile at the same time, I found it funny. Apparently they haven't been able to reach the homeowners to speak to them about my application. Apparently they... Continue Reading →


Our pets ~ Their happiness is paramount

Our pets are happy enough, but they were happier when we lived in Brisbane. The irony is that we have more space now than we did when we lived in Brisbane. Brisbane Vs Now The dogs spent all day outside and no neighbours ever complained VS the dogs can't be left outside alone otherwise the... Continue Reading →

Our Home Away from Home

About 9 months ago, my husband and I moved to the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane. It really wasn't exactly planned either, everything just fell into place at the right time. You see, at the time, my husband's company was expanding to the Sunshine Coast and he was working there everyday. I hated it. It'd take1.5... Continue Reading →

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