Startling Realisation – I’m Muslim!

Salam! I was sitting around today, waiting and thinking. Waiting for my husband to finish ona job site and not really thinking about anything in particular. After a while, I realised I’d been thinking about the Quran, Allah and what I’ve learned and discovered so far. Suddenly, it dawned on me. I’m Muslim.  I believe... Continue Reading →


Reaching Out ~ from Learning About to Learning To Do…

Consider this post a bit of a segue, a gap fill between one series and the next. If you haven't yet read how I came to be interested in Islam or my series on Learning About Islam, please remember to take some time and read about it. You can find the list of blogs HERE. (or at least you will when... Continue Reading →

Learning About Islam ~ Seeking Answers 5

Welcome to my 5th and final post in my series Learning About Islam. As I mention in a previous post ‘Learning About Islam ~ My Questions’, my initial exploration into what Islam is all about left me with quite a few questions. Obviously I didn’t get these answered all at once! In fact, I didn’t even think of... Continue Reading →

Learning About Islam – Prelude

As I begin to write this series, I have concluded my interest in learning about Islam and have moved onto learning how to do Islam. In case this is your first time viewing my blog, please read this, it explains why and how I differentiate between 'about' and 'to do'. Before you can set out to learn... Continue Reading →

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